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This is us!
Our struggles, our victories, our story!

Located within the iconic building of Coliseu Micaelense - the largest performance venue in the Azores, inaugurated on March 10, 1917 - Lava Jazz emerges as a vibrant addition to Ponta Delgada's artistic landscape. Far more than a mere jazz bar or nightclub, Lava Jazz has elegantly solidified its position as a pillar of creativity, attracting both artists and art enthusiasts.

With a remarkable 8 year journey, Lava Jazz has firmly established its prominence on São Miguel Island. This distinctive space was conceived with the refined tastes of art and culture aficionados in mind. Its diverse programming spans a variety of genres, including Jazz, Blues, Original Music, Fado, Traditional Azorean Music, Poetic Interpretations, and more. Notably, it has also played host to 6 book launches, 5 painting exhibitions, and 8 corporate/private events, further enriching its multifaceted appeal.

Live music fills the air from 9:30 PM to 11:30 PM on Fridays and Saturdays, complementing the nighttime ambiance with a symbolic ticket fee of 10€, which goes directly to support the artists and their respective live music licenses, plus a mandatory minimum spend of 10€ to help cover venue costs. Over 300 talented artists have graced the stage of this iconic Azorean nocturnal haven, solidifying its reputation as a sanctuary of artistic expression.

Lava Jazz transcends the definition of a mere venue; it's a canvas in constant evolution, brimming with creativity. A mini-theater complete with a full bar and signature cuisine, this space continues to reinvent itself to cater to its esteemed patrons. Within its serene and intimate environment, each customer is welcomed as a unique presence. Its distinctive hallmark lies in providing comfort, discretion, and tranquility to those seeking relaxation and warm hospitality. All these elements harmonize under one roof, driven by a singular purpose: to offer the best experiences.

The result is encapsulated in our motto: "Your living room away from home."

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Press & Media
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