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Cristóvão Ferreira


Gianna de Toni


Álvaro Pimentel


Lázaro Raposo

Musical Director

He was born in Angola on February 1965.
At the age of six he came to the island of S. Miguel and settled in the parish of Ginetes.
He began his musical learning in a Philharmonic by studying Saxophone.
Later joined the Portuguese Armed Forces and as an apprentice was part of the Military Band of the Azores. He studied and learned to play the Bassoon, an instrument that did not exist in the Azores. Interned at the Republican National Band, he took the music course at the Army School of Sergeants Musicians, in Lisbon, where he completed the instrumentation, acoustics, harmony, solfeggio, composition, music history, music theory and at the same time Bassoon, becoming the first Azorean professional bassoonist.
After leaving his military life, he performed in Algarve, England, United States of America and Canada.
At Harmony Music School of Cambridge, he taught Saxophone and Music Education.
As a saxophonist: he performed solo, accompanied by various Canadian and English Jazz names, and participated in the recording of several artists's albums of many nationalities.
He returned to the island of S. Miguel, Azores, in 2002. In there he was part of some Azorean projects in the Rock area, and took part very often in solo shows, and accompanying other artists.
Today he took the functions of saxophonist and music director of the jazz quartet of this house.



In jazz, JAM means playing without knowing what lies ahead, playing off the cuff.
In jazz clubs it is common that, after the headline number, the musicians are invited to take the stage and play with the band without any rehearsals.

Once a month, Lava Jazz offers a Jazz Jam Session night where musicians can come and listen, play and socialize.
The night is for the musicians!
Whether you're into jazz or not, if you feel like playing or singing a little, experimenting or just enjoying its spontaneity, then come!

Sara Silva

Once a month our quartet welcomes the fabulous Sara Silva for two nights of jazz and voice.

Born in August 1987, born in Coimbra.
From early on, Sara Silva discovered a taste for music.
Despite singing early, her musical career began in 2005 when she attended the Jazz Free Course at “Site of Sound's” School in Coimbra for 5 years. She participated in several projects associated to the Jazz School, working with teachers and students.
In 2011, she moved to the Island of São Miguel, where she was involved in musical projects with some local Jazz names such as Mike Ross, Terinho Mumbanda, among others.
Sara accepted the challenge to join the Lava Jazz Quartet, being our resident singer for 3 years now!

Alfredo Molina

Once a month our quartet welcomes Alfredo Molina for two nights of Latin Jazz.

Born in April 1966 in Havana Cuba.
Percussionist for over 30 years and graduated from the National Superior Conservatory of Music Ignácio Cervantes.
He began his professional life in world-renowned concert halls such as Tropicana and Parisian Cabaret.
He has participated in several International Jazz Festivals and International Bolero Festivals in Havana  accompanying national and internationally renowned artists such as: Isolina Carrillo, Fernando Alvares, Moncho (Bolero Gypsy), Paco de Luzia, Michel Camilo among others.
Arrives in Portugal to join Expo98, eventually staying in the country where he played in houses such as Vilamoura Casino, Salsa Palace Albufeira, Vilamoura Jazz Club, Tclub, among others ...
In 2001 came on the invitation to work in the Azores, highlighting the creation of "La Mescla" with the saxophonist Michael Smith and allowing, with this project, a greater dissemination of Latin jazz, along with great jazz musicians such as: John Blum , Michael Wimberly, Michael Ross, Ogi Jaz, among others.

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