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Weekends at Lava Jazz

There is MUSIC!

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We are entering a new Era.
Our whole way of looking at the common day has been changed by what hit us last year. As art lovers, we decided to slightly change our concept and give the opportunity to new artists to mark their presence with us.
We are not just a jazz house. We are a showroom.
Thus, in addition to Jazz, we will bring you: Blues, Singer songwriter, Indie folk and much more.

Stay tuned!


Opening time: from 8.30 pm to midnight


On Fridays you can enjoy and relax to the sound of our Jazz Trio.

With a bit of classics, bossa nova and whatever the night inspires!

Do you want to meet them? Don't miss the show!!

Saxofone, double bass and drums.

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In jazz, JAM means playing without knowing what lies ahead, playing off the cuff.
In jazz clubs it is common that, after the headline number, the musicians are invited to take the stage and play with the band without any rehearsals.

Lava Jazz offers Jazz Jam Sessions where musicians can come and listen, play and socialize.
The night is for the musicians!
Whether you're into jazz or not, if you feel like playing or singing a little, experimenting or just enjoying its spontaneity, then come, talk to the band and join them.

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Opening time: from 8:30 pm to midnight



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sonasfly logo.png

A soprano singer songwriter, a heavy metal pianist... songs of a tale that you heard before... in your heart.
Mix it, add a Jazzy Celtic style and you get Sonasfly & Bruno Duarte.

From From 9:30 pm to 11:30 pm we have tales of a growing heart!

Connected to music since his past life, this young talented upcoming star joins, in a simple and harmonious way, some chords and his voice to free the soul in a São Miguel accent.

He will take you on a journey through the Azorean soul.

From 9:30 pm to 11:30 pm we have trips on local feelings!



If you want to know the true art of Azorean roots, these two brothers, from Ribeira Quente, bring us the deepest feeling of being an islander - with the voice and guitar of César Carvalho and the so characteristic viola da terra, in the hands of Rafael Carvalho, with special participation by Carolina Constância on violin.

From 9:30 pm to 11:30 pm we travel through roots and overseas!


Trio Origens


Captura de ecrã 2022-06-13, às 18.34.55.png

DJ Matti brings us a 80's music night! Do you miss the old days where you danced and sang without worrying about anything and still get home early for a Sunday of rest or adventures? Then this is the right night for you!!

From From 10:00 pm to midnight we go back in time!


Blues as originally performed with one voice, one guitar, and an old song that comforts.

Sultry-voiced Azorean vocalist Sao Pontes joins American Blues guitarist Brad Majors to form I GOT THE BLUES.

Hear authentic Blues.


From 9:30 pm to 11:30 pm we have comfort music for the Soul!

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