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We are meat lovers, but also vegetarian lovers.

Well... we love to eat!

So we thought: why not share this non pretentious taste with our friends?

So we created some simple flavours we think you will like either you're vegetarian or not!


We are still making some arrangements, but it will be ready soon for you!


How will it work? Easy-peasy!

brownie_Lava Jazz

The name...

Well... as you know Lava Jazz is located inside Coliseu Micaelense, so as any great Coliseum, we believe there is a Phantom living here.

Once our singer and co-owner sang The phantom of the Opera theme in one of her concerts and people said they sensed it! 

(Just kiding. But it was a very good show!)

That is why we chose the "Ghost" over "Dark" or "Black" kitchen.


How will it work?

As the name suggests, we will be working closed doors for you on dinner time from Tuesday to Thursday.

With a take away or delivery service, you'll be able to try some flavors we chose for you by the hand of Cláudia (in the kitchen) and Sílvia (on the costumer service).


How about the menu?

As the description says, we love to eat but what we didn't tell you is that Cláudia (the owner) grew up in her family's business: the first Azorean pizza house, back in the 80's! So, this is it: the big secret is that she loves to cook too!

We also care about people who loves to eat but doesn't eat meat, so we will be working with "The Vegetarian Butcher".

We are preparing things like:

- Vegetarian lazanha (Cláudia's family recepie)

- Vegan chilli

- No-Beef Burger

- Crispy No-Chicken Burger 

and other great stuff...


When will it start?

We are preparing everything to start as soon as we can.

So stay tuned, because time runs fast and we are almost ready for you!

How to order:

Take away:


+351 917 350 418


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