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Since 2016

Av. Roberto Ivens

9500-238 Ponta Delgada

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Here, all languages are spoken,

all colors and beliefs,

all ideologies...

and all types of prayers  are accepted..

Here respect and the

LOVE that unites us prevail.

WHAT nos separate us is merely earthly and material.

Art is the meeting point ;

the starting point ,

the destination point.

And, for those who arrivearriving with LOVE,

with LOVE shall be received.

Art Lovers

We are a heteroclite team with a common purpose. We want to dignify the artists, providing them with all conditions so that they present an unforgettable show to all who appreciate originality.
We concentrate all this in a single space that has the purpose to take what is near further.
The result is 'your living room away from home'.

Lava jazz owners Claudia and Silvia

We are crazy...

This is one of the millions of dreams we share every day with you! Congratulations to us and to you — who are part of us on our second anniversary !!!! And a big thank you to all who are part of the day-to-day of this living room away from home!




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